Similarity between business & movies.

Movies and Businesses are quite similar. A movie might have very good Critics review but fail to do good business. Similarly the team behind running the business may be very good and have a very good product but it may not sell. These days business not about having a business plan and then execute, start […]

Hello Schauna Chauhan Madam, Hope you are doing well. I am privileged to write this to you, Parle is a brand known to the youngest to the oldest member in the family. The purpose of me writing is about a brand name I wanted to register, and it is YumHappy but Parle company has objected […]

Cost of Movie ticket Rs 320 and cost of popcorn Rs 270

Going for movies in Bangalore is a costly affair. Cost of tickets are very high and if you want to buy popcorn you have to pay huge amount. Why do theater owners charge a bomb for popcorn. Recently High Court of Maharashtra allowed movie goers to take food items in theater, this must be a […]

Getting rid of Debts

I came across this Video by Swami Nithyananda. He explains in a very simple way the most simplest technique to get rid of debts, watch it here: Also it is very important to be disciplined if you want to make lot of money. I have seen disciplined people are rich. Also think like this, money […]

For me I don’t exist

My Guru Sri Maithreyaa, tell that to remove all the clutter in mind and do have a blissful mind, remove all pronouns ( I, me, myself, mine). All anxiety and clutter comes to mind because of this. Once you remove these words and stop thinking about these words you will live & enjoy every moment […]

I came across this beautiful video by Dandapani. Must watch video for everyone. Simplify your life and live a Happy Life. Here are few points which you can use to simplify your life: 1) Remove the constant chatter from your mind, don’t plan for everything in advance, keep your mind free, take things as they […]