Is India under Economic Recession from 2018? I think definitely India is reeling under economic slowdown, read below for more details. 1) India now in the midst of major economic slowdown, urgent actions needed: IMF Read here Read More here. 2) Peenya Industrial Hub, Bangalore one of the largest Industrial hub in Asia and Business […]

Why I hate Zomato Restaurant Owner App

I am seller on Zomato and use the Zomato restaurant owner app and there are many many bugs in the app. Zomato is a Billion dollar company but the Restaurant owner app doesn’t look like a Billion dollar company product. On the other hand Swiggy Restaurant owner app is much better and easy to use. […]

I am Canara Bank SME customer for last 12 years and I must say with all the Digitization happening and India being leader in Software Development, Canara bank software lags behind by huge margin. Few problems I face 1) Candigital.exe [REL-ID software] This is the desktop software given by Canara Bank to do banking related […]

1) Bollywood actors can do anything to promote their movies. They use Army, Policeman, Aam Aadmi just to promote their movies. I will give an example, recently Rani Mukerji’s movie, Mardaani 2 was released. She plays a role of Cop in the movie and to promote her movie she met police personals and took photos […]

It is sad but true. Swiggy started giving delivery facility to restaurants so that they can deliver foods to those who cannot come to their restaurants. It helped restaurants to grow as they can target new segment of customers now. Slowly Swiggy increased their commission to whopping 27% and also started charging delivery fee. Swiggy […]

What are the good practices for creating a password for Online SBI?

Password management is indeed a very important and critical aspect which should be adhered by every user. Here we are sharing some important tips and best practices relating to password management. Sharing passwords is a security risk. Change passwords at least once every 90 (ninety) days. Unique Characters: An acceptable password must have at least […]

Why Swiggy doesn’t bother to listen to Restaurant owners

I am selling on Swiggy and I ensure I give the best to my customers and my customers are really liking my Food & Juices. Swiggy has become so big that it doesn’t even give importance to Restaurant owners issues. I am facing the following issues: 1) Driver clicks on Arrive button but they are […]