Flipkart-Amazon-Swiggy-Zomato are not Marketplace they have become full blown retailers

Flipkart and Amazon started as marketplace vendors but now they are becoming full-blown retailers. This is gross injustice done to other retailers selling on these platforms. Flipkart and Amazon studied what items are selling well and then they purchased those items in huge quantity directly from the manufactures and started selling. How can small sellers […]

Similarity between Marketplace ( Flipkart, Amazon) and East India company

British East India Company ( came to India to do business. India was a rich & flourishing country and BEIS realized this. Slowly they started capturing small kingdoms, created hatred amongst Indian kingdoms and captured India. Similarly Amazon, Flipkart came to India to be a Marketplace company where small or big sellers can sell their […]

Why Bangalore is the best city in India

Bangalore is a beautiful city and has the most pleasant climate amongst cities in India. It is also called the Air Condition city. Bangalore has following nick names 1) Air Condition City: Bangalore has the best climate amongst all Indian cities. In summer max temperature is around 37 degree and that too it is hot […]

Cold Pressed Juices myths and facts

We all drink juices. The normal way is either using a mixer grinder or using a centrifugal juicer. Mixer grinder is the most popular option in India. Say we need to make juice of Water Melon, we all know that Water Melon is 95% water but if you want to make juice, we will put […]