Google’s or flipkart’s unethical business tactics

I googled for Air Fryer and see what happens. Google says price of Air Fryer is Rs 3925 but when I click on the Ad and arrive on Flipkart page it shows price as Rs 6595. I have attached both the screenshots. Why both companies being so big use such an unethical business tactics to […]

Similarity between business & movies.

Movies and Businesses are quite similar. A movie might have very good Critics review but fail to do good business. Similarly the team behind running the business may be very good and have a very good product but it may not sell. These days business not about having a business plan and then execute, start […]

Hello Schauna Chauhan Madam, Hope you are doing well. I am privileged to write this to you, Parle is a brand known to the youngest to the oldest member in the family. The purpose of me writing is about a brand name I wanted to register, and it is YumHappy but Parle company has objected […]

Cost of Movie ticket Rs 320 and cost of popcorn Rs 270

Going for movies in Bangalore is a costly affair. Cost of tickets are very high and if you want to buy popcorn you have to pay huge amount. Why do theater owners charge a bomb for popcorn. Recently High Court of Maharashtra allowed movie goers to take food items in theater, this must be a […]

Sringeri is a beautiful place, it is like a semi hillstation. This place is really vibrant and soothing. It is said that Adi Shankaracharya, when seeing a Cobra raised its hood to give protection against scorching sun to a Frog about to lay eggs. Seeing this, Adi Shankaracharya thought that Sringeri must be the most […]

Ola, Uber and Bangalore Traffic

Riding hailing apps like Ola and Uber are definitely a very comfortable way to commute in city but then they create other big problems as well. Traffic problems 1) Drivers don’t follow traffic signals and in smaller traffic junction they violate and jump signals almost 100% of the time. 2) Parking on roads, while waiting […]