We all drink juices. The normal way is either using a mixer grinder or using a centrifugal juicer. Mixer grinder is the most popular option in India.
Say we need to make juice of Water Melon, we all know that Water Melon is 95% water but if you want to make juice, we will put it in Mixer grinder, add water and sugar and blend it and sieve it. Inspite of containing 95% water, still water is added.
Now come to Centrifugal juicer. In this type, the fruits are shredded in small pieces and using high speed they are crushed to the wall of the juicer, because of the centrifugal force juice comes out.
In both the processes lot of heat is generated, and they are subjected to lot of air, hence the juice oxidize. Because of the heat many nutrients are damaged.
Now come to Cold pressed juices. In this kind of juicing mechanism, fruits/vegetables are slowly crushed and juice comes out. Cold pressed juicer can be of Masticating type or Hydraulic pressure type.
The quality of juice is far superior in cold pressed method. Juice retains most of the nutrients and taste.

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