Benefits of Cold-Pressed Juice!

Cold-pressed juices provide more live enzymes, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients while eliminating heat and oxidation that are created when using other types of juicing machines. Cold-pressed juices carry 50 times as many nutrients as regular juice. Our juices are made with 100% fresh, raw, unaltered and unprocessed fruits and vegetables. Earth Born Market sources its […]

People like to eat curd with rice

Individuals like to eat curd with rice toward the finish of their dinners in many spots of India. So a large portion of the Indian eateries buffet menu incorporates curd. It will be thick and looks scrumptious. It appears to be like the underneath picture from Google. You may think that you will not be […]

What tiny detail have most people noticed but never bothered to stop and think about?

Have you ever noticed at bottom of a bottle a number written inside a triangle? Most of you don’t know that there are seven types of plastic and these are – Polyethylene Terephthalate High-Density Polyethylene Polyvinyl Chloride Low-density polyethylene Polypropylene Polystyrene Other Most of the plastic objects such as glass, bottle, packets and food container […]

How do I clean my lungs?

If you smoke, quit smoking. That is the most important step. But for those who never have smoked there is no way to clean out your lungs. Ex-smokers will notice some brownish phlegm come up every once in a while for several years after quitting. This is old tar from the cigarette smoke that is […]

What are the good practices for creating a password for Online SBI?

Password management is indeed a very important and critical aspect which should be adhered by every user. Here we are sharing some important tips and best practices relating to password management. Sharing passwords is a security risk. Change passwords at least once every 90 (ninety) days. Unique Characters: An acceptable password must have at least […]

Why Swiggy doesn’t bother to listen to Restaurant owners

I am selling on Swiggy and I ensure I give the best to my customers and my customers are really liking my Food & Juices. Swiggy has become so big that it doesn’t even give importance to Restaurant owners issues. I am facing the following issues: 1) Driver clicks on Arrive button but they are […]

What is Meditation and how to Meditate

What is meditation and how to meditate, if you know this your whole life becomes truely worth living. There are many of us who don’t know how to meditate, there are many who try to meditate but don’t get the result of it and there are some who knows how to meditate and get the […]

Flipkart-Amazon-Swiggy-Zomato are not Marketplace they have become full blown retailers

Flipkart and Amazon started as marketplace vendors but now they are becoming full-blown retailers. This is gross injustice done to other retailers selling on these platforms. Flipkart and Amazon studied what items are selling well and then they purchased those items in huge quantity directly from the manufactures and started selling. How can small sellers […]