Superstitions doesn’t do any good to us. You can see in your daily life, there are many people who believe in it and there are lot many who don’t believe in all these.

Many believe that if a Cat crosses your path you should not go but you will notice there are many others who just don’t believe in it and crosses the road. Do anything happens to them?? No not at all.

It may so happen that if you cross the road even though a Cat crossed it, and you meet with some small accident and then you will think it is a because of cat crossing your path. It is just a coincidence and you start believing in superstitions more and more. If superstitions are to be true then 100% of the time when a cat crosses your path you should have faced some kind of hurdle but that never happens.

Think you are running a race and a cat crosses your path and you stop and the person behind you overtakes you and wins the race. This believe of superstitions has made you lose.

I suggest that instead of believing in all these, believe in yourself. Give your best and expect positive results.

Belief in superstitions will definitely do harm, don’t think that because of superstitions you are saved from some problems.
Believing in superstitions takes away your confidence and you start believing in others than believing in you, it is like you lost one of your strength and then how can you expect to do well.
Let me give a real life example, there was a student who thought if a crow touches you it is not a good sign. One day 1 crow sat on his head and since he believed that this is not a good sign, he was very much depressed and so depressed that he ended his own life. You can read the story here:

My friends, your life is the most important thing for you, you can do wonders for yourself and your family. Believe in yourself and give your best. Don’t waste your time in such things, put your valuable time in things which will make your life great.
Modern people don’t believe in superstitions as much as people of older generation, with Education and internet people have become smarter and they don’t believe in such things.
Since already people following in superstitions have come down, you also STOP believing it right now instead of wasting your time and then in future realizing that superstitions are useless but by that time you would have lost good amount of your time.
Thinking about superstitions will just make your less powerful, it will put restrictions on you to perform better.

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