Everyone has this question, What is God? but there is no convincing answer.
I try to explain what is God in my own terms and I am sure it will convince you.

God is some external and Gigantic power and anyone can meditate and get more powers from him. God has no form, no shape, it is infinite in all sense.

We think of God as someone who has form, color, and who likes good people and if that is the case then why will God create bad people.

In olden days Saints used to do Tapsaya and get powers, even demons can do Tapsaya and get powers. All the powers comes to you from the Omnipotent and infinite God by doing Tapsaya or meditation.

You can visualize God and yourself to a wireless charging. You bring a mobile phone near to wireless charger and it gets charged by the charging unit. Now think of God like this, you do meditation and get powers from God

There are many humans who have got lots of power and become God like. They have trained themselves in such a way that the become like super Human. In day to day life we can find many such examples, we can see how 1 person has got so much of qualities compared to others. You can also say those people have not done any Meditation or Tapsaya then how they got so much of power. To understand this you should know exactly what is meditation. Meditation is not like sitting in one place, you can meditate while doing work or doing anything. You need to stop your sub-conscious mind from constant chatter, to know more about meditation, please read this article

Simply put, God is your mind, you meditate means you pray to God and get powers.
God is infinite, Mind is infinite, Space is infinite, Time is infinite & Energy is infinite.

There is something called Karma, it is the fruit of your action. So you can do meditation and get power and using this power you do action and because of your action you get Karma. This is the whole cycle of life.

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  • Ram Prasad  September 7, 2018 at 12:53 pm

    Really liked the article, thanks for writing and please write more.

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